Guide map for PENGUIN operation

Check the following points before you take PENGUIN!

  • Underwater environment

    It’s best to operate PENGUIN in a sea full of marine resources.

  • 2 meter minimum depth

    PENGUIN’s draft is 1.21 m, so it needs a depth of at least 2 m given potential waves and sway when passengers are boarding.

    Near the coast, the sea level given the tide should be considered.

  • Within 0.5 meters of waves

    We recommend operating PENGUIN in a lake or near a coast with waves of 0.5 m or less.

    PENGUIN can sail with waves over 0.5 m, but this may cause passenger discomfort.

  • Visitors

    Even if the perfect place has been arranged, the number of visitors is still important.

  • Anchorage for electric-type PENGUIN

    PENGUIN weighs about 4.3 tons, and it needs an anchor point that can withstand 5 tons.

    PENGUIN can effectively be operated less than 500 m from its point of anchorage (within 15 mins).

  • Charging facilities for electric-type PENGUIN

    PENGUIN requires 5 kw for a full charge. An electric power supply should be installed less than 15 m from the anchor point with attendant staff.

  • Shipping

    When PENGUIN is moved by land, a lowbed trailer or cargo crane (over 5 tons) is required. In case of transport by sea, a barge or tug boat is required.

We have been operating PENGUIN for over 3 years and can recommend a proper business model for you with relevant advice.

If you have potential places in mind, please contact us.

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