Special experience

in a vast sea


Underwater villa PENGUIN IGLOO 1.0 provides a comfortable and cozy place on the sea. With a concept designed for relaxation and rest, it is recommended for customers looking for a true vacation. It is suitable for installation in underwater complexes and commercial use as an underwater resort.


Dimension (LxBxH) Ø 7,140 mm x 5,750 mm
Substructure Ø 7,140 mm x 3,220 mm
Net weight Substructure 9,500 kg
Superstructure 4,000 ~ 5,000 kg
Area for exclusive use 47 ㎡ (Deck: 38 ㎡, U/W room: 9 ㎡)
Ballast water tank 13,260L
NO. of windows 6ea (Acrylic)
Bed 1ea (King size)
Toilet/shower room 1ea
Generator 7kw