Special experience

in a vast sea


Enjoy camping on the sea. Underwater villa PENGUIN IGLOO 2.0 is an active concept house that allows one to feel and enjoy the sea directly. Enjoy hammocks, diving and an underwater bedroom. In addition, PENGUIN IGLOO 2.0 can be loaded in standard containers and two modules can be connected to provide a wider space.


Dimension (LxBxH) 2,230 mm x 5,830 mm x 4.954 mm (except floating deck)
Net weight Substructure 8,000 kg
Floating deck 400 kg
Area for exclusive use 17 ㎡ (Deck: 11 ㎡, U/W room: 6 ㎡)
Ballast water tank< 5,700L
NO. of windows 5ea (Acrylic)
Bed 1ea (King size)
Toilet/shower room 1ea
Generator 7kw