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We’re still discovering the mysteries of the ocean — an undertaking that, until now, required either A) a prohibitively expensive personal submarine, or B) a willingness to plunge a few stories underwater with scuba gear lashed to your back. But a South Korean company called Gocean has a new alternative for leisurely explorers: the newly released Penguin 2.0, the world’s first compact semi-submarine.


The worlds first semi submarine lets you explore the marine life with ease

If you are an aqua- buff who wouldn’t miss a chance to dive into water, Kihaad Maldives, a luxury resort in Baa Atoll has devised the perfect gift for you. Say hello to Penguin: the brands compact semi-submarine that takes you into the underwater world with a level of unimaginable safety and comfort. It is also the world’s first such submarine to be introduced in the Maldives resort.

While water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling promise you a good view of the aquatic life, they come with their own set of challenges. This is where crafts such as the Penguin come in. The unique vehicle almost resembles a regular boat and is made up of two floating hulls on either side of a plexi-glassed cabin, attached underneath. With the help of this central cabin that comes with three large windows on the front and the side, one can explore the ocean floor without the hassles of getting wet. Further, while sports like scuba diving require expensive certification and training, sailing the waters in the Penguin is seamless and relatively cheaper.

The latest version of the semi-submarine: The Penguin 2.0 comes is dual types – electric and outboard. The main difference between the two lies in their propulsion types, with the former making use of an electric motor and the latter using a gasoline powered engine. This unique water vehicle can seat anywhere between 4 to 12 people in total, depending on its version. Here’s another incentive to plan a trip to the Maldives!



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The World’s First Compact Semi-Submarine Offers Underwater Rides Without Equipment

Penguin 2 0 -

This mini semi-submarine is the hottest excursion in Maldives. The atoll area, a ring-shaped coral reef is the best place for Penguin Saling because of the rich underwater shows and calm waves.

Developed by Gocean, Penguin is the first compact semi submarine motor boat. Penguin is sailing in the Maldives, Seychelles and Chengdu in China and aimed at becoming must-ride excursion all around the world’s premier resorts. This submersibles vessels is capable of diving, similarly to submarines. However, unlike submarines, they cannot be entirely submerged below the surface of the water.

Penguin helps anyone to explore undersea easily and conveniently without having to swim. There are not complicated control or operation. You can enjoy fantastical view under the sea comfortably with the loved-ones.

Along with exploration under the sea, you can also enjoy leisure activities on boat such as fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving or sunbathing. Penguin does not discharge pollutant and damage nature. The watercraft uses electric motor and contributes to sustainable tourism.

The windows are made with acrylic material, the best for underwater viewing. Used in producing aquarium for its high transparency (92% light transmission), acrylic has a UV protection function. As time goes it does not have yellowing effect which changes the color of the material. Semi-submarines do not have an international classified status. Their operating range from the native port might be limited by the local authorities.

Penguin 2 0 photos

Penguin 2.0 compact mini-submarine specification:
Dimension : 3950 x 3650 x 2545 mm; Light weight : 4300 kg; Boarding person : 9~12 person (4 for cabin); Draft : 1210mm; Voltage : 48V; Running time : 8 hours running / 10 hours charging.


Penguin 2 0

Penguin 2 0 on the surface

Penguin 2 0 aquarium


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