Explore The Depths Of Water With The PENGUIN: Your Personal Semi-Submarine


Have you ever wondered about what goes on underwater? There are so many cool and interesting creatures down there that you may have never seen before. Unfortunately, your only realistic options are to: scuba dive, which is quite expensive for a one-time experience, or snorkel just the surface.

With this PENGUIN personal semi-submarine, you can explore the underwater world whenever you want!




The PENGUIN is a compact semi-submarine that resembles a regular boat with the included feature of a plexiglass-windowed cabin attached underneath to allow people to view underwater.






The PENGUIN is easy to operate and can even be operated in the cabin! Allowing you to move around under the water.

With the PENGUIN, you’re able to get amazing views of the underwater world.

And it’s even eco-friendly with it’s different model types.

The newest model of the PENGUIN is the PENGUIN 2.0. It comes in two different types: electric and outboard. The main difference of the two are the propulsion types. The electric, unsurprisingly, uses an electric motor to run the boat, while the outboard uses an engine that is powered by gasoline. Both types seat up to 12 people on board.



Additionally, you can also opt out from the PENGUIN 2.0 and go with the PENGUIN 1.0. The PENGUIN 1.0 also uses an electric motor to run the boat, but can only seat up to 4 people on board.


If you’d like to get a PENGUIN, you can contact the company here to get a quote.

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